The Florida Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery Center is committed to providing your patients with the highest level of professional, compassionate and personalized dental and oral surgery care. We appreciate your trust and confidence in referring your patients to our dental referral facility and take that responsibility very seriously. Because we focus only on oral surgery and dentistry we do not offer primary care veterinary services at our offices. We are now conveniently located in Stuart and West Palm Beach Florida. If there is anything we can do to improve our service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Dental Referrals / Forms

To allow your patients visit to run as smoothly as possible please complete our online referral form and submit patient records via our website portal, email or fax at your convenience. Please submit any dental radiographs or clinical images in JPEG format via our website portal or email. Please do not hesitate to call Dr. Wiegand or the staff at the Florida Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery Center to discuss a potential case referral or if you need assistance in referring a case.

Following the referral visit, we will provide a complete referral report, including dental radiographs, and case photographs by the next business day at the latest. All pending lab work (histopathology) will be promptly faxed or emailed to your office with a complete report of client communication and any future recommendations if indicated.

We thank you for your case referral and value your trust and confidence in the Florida Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery Center to provide your patients the highest level of veterinary dental and oral surgical care.

Pre-Referral Screening Recommendations:

To provide our patients with the highest level of anesthetic safety, we recommend all referral patients that are scheduled for a dental or oral surgery procedure have at a minimum a complete chemistry, CBC and U/A (plus a T4 in cats > 9 years old) performed within 2-3 weeks of the referral. In addition, those patients with cardiac disease and/or hypertension we strongly recommend a cardiac consultation. Additional testing such as thoracic radiographs, abdominal ultrasound and / or advanced imaging may be requested on a case by case basis (e.g. neoplasia).

Dental Radiographic Interpretation or Case Consultation / Forms

Dr. Wiegand welcomes the opportunity to assist you with challenging dental or oral disease cases via our website portal, email or phone. If you have dental radiographs, with specific questions, please complete our dental radiograph or case consultation form (if possible) and submit any clinical images or radiographs you would like interpreted in JPEG format directly through our website portal or via the following email address: . To assist radiographic interpretation please submit radiographs of the contralateral side for comparison. We are pleased to offer this service free of charge.

If you have a case that requires immediate attention, please call Dr. Wiegand at (561) 515-6711.

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